December 1, 2009

Any one Named Gary using Movable Type?

If you use Movable Type user and are named Gary, I'd probably be willing to trade you this domain name, if you want it for some thing MT related. Some link love back to a few of my sites would probably be the price :) If you want it for something totally commercial it's a different story, but it still might go for some kind of trade.

August 26, 2005

Movable Type 3.2 is out!

So the new version of Movable Type is out. And they've got a great promotion price for the personal editions only $39.95 (this promotion is now over)! Don't forget, they always have a free version for personal use which also has unlimited weblogs (the free version of the software is not disabled at all) but no support other than the forums.

Powered ByIf you have donated before, they let you apply a $20 credit from earlier versions and it makes it $19.95! It's “just” five authors (that's four more than I have), it's $30 more for unlimited authors. This is an awesome deal! Nothing like when they did the 3.x release upgrade that made everyone (not me) crazy about prices and limitations.

I'l probably be upgrading next week, once everyone else has worked out all the bugs ;)

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June 30, 2005

Easy2Blog - review

Easy3BlogSo I've got a new very easy place to recommend to blog, it's called Easy2Blog. It's got loads of options and it's easy to configure. They'll do ad exchanges for you, an about me section, a blogroll-type thing, counter, rss, sydication badges that automatically add your blog to others myYahoo/feedburner/etc., commenting, easy to add photos to posts, search, counters and an easy way to add blocks of html for other services like blogrolling or whatever you'd like (you can easily reorder them too).

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May 16, 2005

Ignore this Movable Type dynamic cache test

Testing a slight problem concern with posts and dynamic templates in Movable Type 3.16. They don't seem to be resetting the cache properly. Actually it's working to some extent, but it does take a while (close to an hour) for some of the pages to update; see below for more information.

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May 15, 2005

Good-bye Spam

So in the past eight days, MT-Blacklist stopped 1447 pieces of spam headed for my web site. It also prevented six duplicate posts (people hitting submit twice). That's pretty great!!

While I scroll through the logs, it's still a lot of “stuff” to sift through. My big question is: Has anyone tried to post in the last eight days and the system refused to let you post? Please e-mail me if you've recently had any problems.

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May 4, 2005

Upgrade to MovableType 3.x

I think I'm going to upgrade my site (starting tomorrow or Friday). So if there are any technical problems with comments or searching that's why. It might even cause some viewing problems but those will be temporary since I can at a minimum push the pages (or at least the main page) back on-line.

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April 23, 2005

Should I move to MovableType 3?

Warning! Extra-Geeky post:
I'm using MovableType 2.661 I'm missing having sub-categories and I was hoping some of the dynamic features might help speed up my rebuilds. I've also been getting really slow responses when posting comments. I do a lot of odd dynamic stuff already (the body of my messages only get built once (processed once) and they just get included everywhere else (although this isn't really helping me on rebuilds since it's probably rebuilding the pages anyways, it may actually be smarter than that). I use Mt-Blacklist and some other plug-ins. Some of my category archive rebuilds are really getting slow (I'm sure my date archives are slow two, but the categories just keep growing).

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March 13, 2005

My biggest blog screwup ever...

I was cleaning up one of my other web sites that I work on and I just accidently deleted all my pings/trackbacks back to this site. Fortunately there were only 23. The important this is that I noticed it just as I was about to delete all the comments for this site!!!!! That would have been hundreds of comments...

February 3, 2005

MT-Blacklist Rules(!) for blog spam (and so does Jay Allen)

So I finally installed MT-Blacklist to help cut down on my comment (and trackback) spam. “Why?” you ask... Because after getting mildly annoyed here and there with the occasional comment spam (and the very rare trackback spam) I got hit with 470 trackback spams in one night! And another 30-40 the next day before I even had a chance to start deleting the others!

Mt blacklist Let me tell you MT-Blacklist installed like a charm and in less time than it would have taken me to delete 100 spams it took care of all 470. That's the fastest I've ever hit a PayPal donation button!!!

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December 26, 2004

What is a Trackback?

Mell (of Divergent Poles) was trying to understand what a trackback is, so I'm making this post as an illustration.

While creating this message there was an empty spot (just like there is a place for the title) to add trackbacks, since I'm referencing this post (i.e. I'm talking about Mell) I'm adding his trackback information to that spot. When I post this message it'll send a tiny message (called a trackback or sometimes referred to as a ping) to Mell's message and now he'll know I was talking about his post and get a better understanding of this (I hope). There is no indication on my site that I trackbacked him (other than me telling you), the main reason is to let him (and his readers) know I are talking about him and when others read his site they'll know I'm talking about Mell so they might follow the link to see what I say (in this case, if they want to know what I think a trackback is).

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December 12, 2004

It's been a year, what's changed (technologically and me)?

So it's been a year since I started this blog. I've typed hundreds of entries (I don't think I made the 500 mark yet). I've changed many parts of it:

  • the title several times (Something Nice Happened Today [dropped the nice for a while], If I blog in a Forest and No One Reads It, Do I Make Any Noise [a few variations of that, but it was to darn long, but it was kinda my favorite] and Let Me Make My Point(e) [with the E emphasizing my my name] and it was temporarily Do you See My Point(e)?)
  • Changed the background a few times and had a few psychedelic rotating ones, it's still a little busy but I work really hard to make it compatible in all browsers (and all screen resolutions) and if not there's a nice PDA version you can use.
  • My blog ReadRoll has grown and I've redone that a few different ways.
  • Added and changed some categories but it's still pretty close to the original.
  • Added the whole about section with lists stuff about me and what tools/plug-ins I use.
  • Redone the internals quite a bit, switched to PHP and a few other things.
  • Added some advertising to the sides and some ads here and there and maybe that'll pay off someday...
  • I'm passing over 5 GB of data a month. And I'm still not sure where it's going, I've disabled my photo albums so it's mostly just my content. I've even reduced the number of entries on my main page and it's still growing so at least I've got readers (and occasionally some commenters). Some people get really bent when they don't get comments, I'm okay without them, but it sure makes me happy when I get them...

    I've tried to stay away from whining and complaining too much, but sometimes cars get broken into and sometimes people die and sometimes BK screws up my order so I need to vent a little. I'm about in the same place in life as a I was last year: single, childless and still looking to make those changes. (As much as people complain about it I'd rather be spending time this month assembling bicycles or cribs or whatever.)

    Even though I created The Daily Meme I've become less of a meme-a-holic which I've been missing so I think I'll go back to those silly quizzes as a way to express things about myself...

  • December 7, 2004

    0.5k and almost 365 days

    So I've almost been posting for a year AND I'm almost to 500 posts. If I average my average number of posts per day I'll probably hit both at the same time.

    I kinda jump from one end of the spectrum to the other (funerals to sappy TV shows to technology), I keep thinking that I'll break out the tech into it's own blog, but I can't decide it that's necessary. I've got an idea for a tech specific blog, and if I do that, then I'd have two tech blogs (extra geeky and semi-geeky) so I think I'll keep them together for now and if I go the other route I'll just keep the long tech reviews to the extra geeky blog.

    September 17, 2004

    Spammed (for the very first time)

    I finally got a few comment spams. It's probably the only place I've ever mentioned the word c_sino (and I'm not going to say it again, it's that place where you go g_mbl_ng).

    THis isn't any kind of an invite, but it's just weird how long it took and the fact that I make people type in that little code (like at ticketmaster) before they can post...

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    August 10, 2004

    Lots of Blog Changes

    Nothing super significant: I'm using the columnize plug-in to save some space for my archives and categories, I'm using the more javascript to make the extended entry accessible on the main page, hmm... (I did a third thing too, something I found on Girlie's site while looking for something else...) Oh, at the bottom of the my main page, how I did the recent additional entries was an idea from Girlie. Of course this was all done with Movable Type from Six Apart.

    June 7, 2004

    RE: Blogs - 8

    1. Most of us pay for hosting our domains in which to blog on - - however, under what circumstances would you shell out hard earned cash so that you can use the blogging platform (i.e. your blogging application). Considering Movable Type’s recent license fees - - would you? If yes, why - - If no, why not?
    For the right tool, I'll pay! I love Ecto (paid) for managing my blogs off-line and Transmit for FTP/textediting but I need to see if I need to pay for that one (or if I have).

    2. RE: Linkage - - I’ve seen many a trick to increase traffic and ratings in certain ecosystem offerings. For example - a few I’ve seen have one or two domains as a mirror to their main one and register all domains with TTLB - - so every post that you make is mirrored on the ’secondary domain’ - and each post is linked to the ‘primary domain’ which is recorded by the ecosystem as an inbound link….which could, for examle, bring your inbound links from 100 to 400 - depending. Do you have methods you use to ‘trick’ the ecosystem to skew your results to give you a higher rating? Care to share them? What tricks do you use?
    No but I'm making notes... Actually i guess I'm doing something similar (but it's to keep what little I've got, not generate more), I decided to modify my url so I started changing it previously to start moving some traffic and now that I'm using it I've slowing been changing the blocks of links (images, archives, main root, etc.) it hopes to have my traffic move with (I just don't want to disappear from the blogosphere). From your logic maybe I'll stretch out the process a little longer... I don't want a higher rating, I want more visitors....

    3. RE: Templates - - show off some of your extra add-ons you’ve been working on with your templates. What’cha been up to, huh? huh?
    My image (as of this post) on the background is a live ariel view of Dearborn, MI (everytime you refresh it's updated). The colors match the blue and green of the Earth. At dawn and sunset and other times during the day you can see the dividing line between light and dark (it must have a name?). I was doing the moon, but it was tooooo sloooooww.

    4. RE: Other blogs - - Show us some of the newer blogs you’ve linked to recently, in the past week, or so. We all like seeing new blogs and fresh material. Who are they - and why’d ya link ‘em?
    Okay, clearly this is going to be a regular thing and I need to get prepared for it. On my blog I've been running a scrolling sidebar (well it might not scroll in all browsers, but it should atlease be there) for "Interesting Recent Sites" (so check it out), I did just change the date format, so it's not consistent but it'll be oklay in a day or three (I only keep the last 30 or so). I've got a script to grab the URL and title or highlighted text and add the date and ftp it up (it get's included via PHP).

    From RE: Blogs .